Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Vision & Imaging Technologies Department

The "Contactless Human-Computer Interaction" working group involved in the network focuses on developing new concepts for multimodal and, in particular, contactless human-technology interaction. The aim is to enable users to control systems using spatial hand, finger or whole-body movements and gestures. Fields of application include education, medicine and automotive. Current research focuses in particular on gesture recognition and interaction as well as modelling human perception and cognition. A current project addresses virtual worlds for digital diagnostics and cognitive rehabilitation. VR-based individual disorder profiles are being created here, which can be used to determine and implement outpatient VR-based therapy programmes. This means that neuropsychological and cognitive disorders can be treated better and more closely to everyday life.

Core competences for the network: VR- and AR-based tools for the early detection and treatment of neuropsychological disorders